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Let's change the conversation. In 2012, I embraced motherhood and chose to step out of the spotlight as a media resource on sexuality and relationships. I’ve been a quiet observer of the discourse, or rather the chaos, of social media inviting everybody to “fight for the mic” on every sex topic imaginable ever since. No matter what one’s “sexpertise,” some are being acknowledged, but few are being truly heard. Evident in everyone’s “two-cents’ worth” is the need for individual recognition, affirmation, and belonging. There’s a dire need to redirect the discourse and frame challenges and issues through a positive lens.

In addressing these needs, I’ve refocused my mission as a sexuality educator, discovered new and complementary passions to my work and expertise, and find myself driven by a renewed purpose.

With, I seek to cultivate positive energy by exploring Nordic sexuality, sensuality and eroticism, especially that of my homeland, Iceland.


I want my website to be a positive space for you. I want it to be the place where you set your sexual and relationship intentions; where you seek to explore your desires, hopes, ideas and pleasuring – sans apologies; where you go to for inspiration and imagination found nowhere else. I want to support you in your ability to explore the transformative power you have within yourself to become a happier, more sensual, more sexually-fused individual, better able to connect with others.


You deserve a moment to take care of you – to discover you. This is the place for you to get and maintain a healthy lifestyle, find better life management and balance, cultivate your spirit, manifest your dreams, and nurture your relationships, including sexual, for greater erotic and sensual energy. This is your place for sexual and sensual enlightenment.

Every country is unique when it comes to its support of the erotic, sensual and sexual – or not – in its social norms, customs, and values. I just happen to be an Icelander and sexologist who takes great pride in her country and its sensuality. I strive to be a catalyst for more sensuousness in your life, with Iceland as your inspiration.

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