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Iceland continues to make headlines as THE place for adventure, relaxation, pleasuring, and mystical sensualities. Opportunities to lose one’s self in nature, tap one’s sensual side, and tune into one’s spirit energy attract visitors the world over. Visitors come away from my tiny island feeling more connected to nature, to the planet, and to themselves, including their sensual soul energy.

The Nordic way of life seeks balance, simplicity, happiness, creativity, community and idealism. Key to this is the promotion of self-care, community, wholeness and healthy sexual relationships – a lifestyle that ultimately translates into a type of Nordic sensuality.


Get Iceland-inspired!


With me, Dr. Yvonne Kristín Fulbright, as your virtual

guide to Ísland, you’ll learn to:

  • Take to nature – be one with nature - no matter where

      you are in the world;

  • Utilize Nordic wisdom, mysticism, and eroticism when it

      comes to better sex, love and relationships;

  • Cultivate your eroticism and sensuality;

  • Realize greater self-esteem and improved body image;

  • Communicate more effectively;

  • Take better care of yourself, acquiring tips on how to

      become anxiety- and stress-free;

  • Boost your energy levels;

  • Welcome more positive energy into your life;

  • Truly connect with others; and

  • Find greater life balance and joy.


I want you to make this your place to recharge, reflect and renew.


The Nordic countries are known for their social care and support for self-care. Such is accomplished by supporting individuals, couples, and families intellectually, spiritually, morally, and emotionally. While Iceland has learned a lot from its Scandinavian neighbors about how to advance one’s “best self,” modern Icelanders have been cultivating their own form of Nordic sensuality – one based on the wisdom of their ancestors, Icelandic sexuality, and centuries-old mysticism and legends.

Join me on this ongoing e-adventure of sensualism and eroticism in Iceland. Come, take a special look at how Icelanders have been fostering their own special brand of Nordic sexuality and Icelandic sensuality. Begin your “Sensual Iceland” discovery here!

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