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Velkomin! Welcome to!

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Hopefully, you’re here to find your every happiness, pleasure and sensual side with this regular e-adventure offering of Iceland-inspired sensuality, sexuality, and eroticism. I hope you’ll join me, Dr. Yvonne Kristín Fulbright, as I take you on a joy ride of my home country. Whether it’s Nordic enlightenment, connecting with nature, finding balance, coaxing your inner eroticism, or becoming savvier at self-care, every few weeks we’ll explore what words of wisdom and experiences Iceland, and its societal norms, cultural values, and customs, has for you.

Depending on our topic, this “Discovery” page is where you’ll: get active; nurture your sexual, sensual self; feel energized and inspired; and recharge and reflect with articles, exercises, and activities.’s first Discovery Feature will be posted soon!

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1 Comment

Marilyn Bissell
Marilyn Bissell
Dec 22, 2019

Hi Yvonne, I read your article about MIL's but what about DIL's that are challenging how does a MIL handle that tactifully and kindly.

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